David Jorieux

David Jorieux

Development Pastry chef

An extraordinarily talented pastry development chef. David and I have collaborated together over many years both in the Uk and Gabon.

Born in the North of France. The pastry bug came from his Grandmother, who was a chef and with whom he spent his weekends making Sweet Pastries and Fresh Breads.

After his apprenticeship in his hometown, he travelled the following 4 years within Europe …. Belgium, Germany & Switzerland to further his knowledge and acquire his Masters.

David moved to London in his 20s, which became his home.

During his 30+ years in the industry, David has worked in Europe, Africa , US and more recently Asia. His experience includes 5* hotels, boutique restaurants, Michelin star, Royal Families, Artisanal Pastry Shops, high profile clients and Bespoke Event companies in London, and the Presidential Palace in Gabon.

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