Boulevardier-shake & stir cocktails

Boulevardier-shake & stir cocktails

17th April 2020

Boulevardier-shake & stir cocktails

Its nearly the weekend and we all probably need this – We are releasing some cocktail recipes as part of our blog posts. To introduce our new partnership with Shake & Stir. But to also add some exciting content to our offering for restaurants, clubs and bars. If you are in the mood for something strong and bulletproof. Why not enjoy this incredible Boulevardier-shake & stir cocktails recipe.


40ml Bullet Whiskey
25ml Campari
25ml Sweet Vermouth (we used Belsazar Red Vermouth)



Stir all the ingredients over ice
Pour into chilled coupe
Garnish with an orange peel

Shake & Stir

For other cocktail recipes and related posts. Please click the above link towards Shake & Stir. They are a cocktail events company that provide bar support and consultancy along with Lumiere. More to follow in the weeks ahead.

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