Broken Eggs

11th July 2022

Broken Eggs dark kitchen concept

Broken eggs – is one of our newest clients that we had a pleasure to work with. The Broken Eggs is a delivery-only concept which operates out of Fitzrovia. If you’d like to try something fresh & delicious, their heart-warming tortillas inspired by a family recipe would be exactly what you are looking for. Whether it is for brunch on a weekend or a park outing with the family, these tasty Spanish tortillas are a perfect go-to takeaway!

Broken Eggs - Dark Kitchen Concept - Project Image

How we helped: 

After meeting with Gabriel, we have established certain objectives for the project. The continuous growth of the UK food delivery market has resulted in Broken Eggs choosing a delivery-only concept which is often more beneficial due to its scalability and lower fixed costs. Therefore, it was essential to develop a concept for a delivery-only model while understanding the market and opportunities for Broken Eggs in London. Due to a significant underrepresentation of Spanish food of good quality on the delivery platforms, Broken Eggs has a chance to exploit a large opportunity. Thus, we inspected the local market and competitors both mainstream as well as Spanish to make sure Broken eggs are positioned competitively within its rivals. Finally, we have also advised Gabriel and Marta on the best locations for the dark kitchen and the costs attributed to setting up and operating it.


Market opportunities…


The food delivery market in the UK has already grown by 3.7 bn pounds in 2020 reaching 11.4 bn which is double its 2015 market value as it benefited from being one of the main routes to market throughout Covid-19. This has also been influenced by e-commerce and online shopping growth as well as the change in lifestyles of consumers. Unlike other Mediterranean foods such as Italian, French, and Turkish, Spanish is significantly underrepresented on the delivery platforms. In addition, with over 200,000 Spanish nationals living in London, there is a large addressable market for Spanish food delivery and a large opportunity to exploit. 

Broken Eggs - Dark Kitchen Concept - Project Image


Marta and Gabriel had identified and used the gap in the market by setting up a dark kitchen to deliver their premium, based on home-recipes Spanish tortillas. Tortillas are representative of Spanish culinary traditions- made by Broken Eggs chefs it is loved by everyone!


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