Food photography & why its important

Food photography & why its important

22nd August 2021

Food Photography & why it’s important-

Collaboration with Nicoleta Lupu London food photography

We are visual beings, and something I have noticed over the course of my career is how important Imagery, Brand and Experience are to a restaurant or dining experience and of course to customers.

Strategies of marketing, outreach to a new customer base, connecting with your followers or just sharing the message about your new dish all starts with an image. And the more striking the better!! Food photography & why its important - Blog Image

There’s a good chance you already know how important your menu is. You’ve poured over it. You’ve designed it strategically. You’ve made it a point to draw attention to the right items to encourage more revenue and increased efficiency in the kitchen.

But no description will ever do the food justice – especially if your chefs painstakingly effort to make every plate look appetizing and beautiful. The first bite is with the eye, as I was taught ” back in the day” . But that first sight may come from your instagram account!!!


Effective online presence

We have all done this, checked out a restaurant or bar online before we have visited it. There are many benefits to good photography in any business-Food photography & why its important - Blog Image

  • There is the chance to create that great first impression, entice people to try your food or drink, your restaurant interiors or understand a little more about your brand experience
  • Great photos get shared, get noticed and create a buzz around your business. Perhaps there is a corner of your restaurant that people really enjoy, but don’t always see? Maybe a special cocktail or a signature dish. Make it visible and it will help people connect with what your about
  • Great photos are great for SEO.. Optimising your website so that people can find you is such an effective marketing tool. Great photos grab people’s attention. This can lead to increased traffic and of course increased sales.



We have always lived in a visual world. Now with digital and social it’s instant and connected.  Having a strategy for your online presence is a must for any business, some are more complex than others, but many just start with a good photo.

To learn more about professional food photography  visit Nicoleta Lupu

Many thanks Nicoleta Lupu for the words and wonderful images.

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Food photography & why its important - Blog Image

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