How Old is Old? The

How Old is Old? The

11th March 2020

Recruiting the over 50s and why we should see them as an asset. How old is old?

So we attended a seminar yesterday as part of the series on recruiting the older generation into hospitality. Apart from being a subject close to our hearts (promoting hospitality), it raised awareness and questions on a really interesting subject. How old is old? for the purpose of this debate the age was 50. But in reality there is no correct age when this starts.

So what are the facts. How Old is Old-The caterer?

The work force is getting older in the UK statistics say in 2030 over half of the adults will be over 50. If you think about supermarkets and high street chains they are already ahead of the curve in trying to appeal to a broader sector of recruitment. People are working longer and hospitality is a great career choice for those who are returning to work or looking for flexibility.

Why choose Hospitality?

Hospitality has mostly changed (there are a few bastions of old school mentality out there). Modern hospitality is meritocratic, inclusive, flexible and very sociable. You can start at the bottom in hospitality and with application can easily progress forwards and have a career, or find your level and stay put. Often hospitality is overlooked by the older generation as a “young persons game “. Certainly in the Uk we struggle with the perception that Hospitality is something you do around study or between school and a career. Changing this perception is key for any age group. But could an older employee influence the next generation of students?

The benefits of an older workforce.

Having experience often trumps ability and education. Life experience is such a useful asset, and often people amass a load of transferable skills. Older workers have found to be more punctual, reliable and more loyal. In an industry that generally turns over its staff frequently these are all very important criteria. With arrival and uncertainty of brexit and the skills shortage in Hospitality we should be looking to the older generation to help plug the gap.

The full article is below and really worth a read.

Recruiting the Over 50s

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