Menu Development  Photo Shoot

Menu Development Photo Shoot

2nd November 2019


So a few weeks back Marte and I met up and spent a day shooting food in her studio. Both of us have a real passion for food and hospitality. Working with Marte was a brilliant experience. Firstly she’s incredibly talented, very focused and also really funny. She has worked on a number of restaurants, hotels and high st food brands. At Lumiere we often work with our clients for food photography shoots, menu development and new pictures for websites and promotional materiel.

Mackerel and Beetroot

Flamed mackerel and heritage beetroot


We had an idea of what we would like to achieve, there were certain dishes I wanted to capture, and others that Marte wanted for a future project (cant say more at the moment but watch this space).

broccoli and grains

Broccoli & grains with tahini dressing

It always amazes me how much kit is required for a food photography shoot. Computers, light boxes, stands and so on. At one point we were pushing sesame seeds around with make up brushes. The attention to detail was incredible. Myself, Hannah Miller and Loraine Rebaud work together on food styling and menu development projects. Its great to have a creative team around you and to bounce ideas off.


So a brilliant day being creative with Marte @ MLR photography. Need to get the next one planned. If you haven’t yet, go and take a look at her website.

Roast chicken & carrot

Roast chicken with heritage carrots & baby leeks

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