A Journey through the City’s Newest Spanish restaurant

A Journey through the City’s Newest Spanish restaurant

4th March 2024

Following the great success of the Spanish restaurant Boca a Boca in Kyiv, restaurateur Andrii Nikonov has arrived in London. Nestled in Charlotte Street in bustling Fitzrovia, the restaurant promises to transport diners to the heart of Spain. Offering an exciting fusion of traditional flavours in a modern style. 


Discover London’s newcomer :

For lovers of Spanish cuisine, this is the new address to add to your “Must try” list. Influences from the carved Jamon, gigantic mural, wine cellar wall and intricate tiling, suggest you are in Madrid rather than Fitzrovia

A modern approach of Spanish restaurant:

The menu, skilfully crafted by head chef Matteo  to showcase the diversity of Spanish gastronomy. From traditional tapas to modern interpretations of classic dishes. Delivered in the only possible way … From fresh, high-quality ingredients. Diners can expect to enjoy iconic Spanish dishes such as paella, Jamón Ibérico and patatas bravas, as well as vegetarian, vegan and daily specials such as chargrilled aubergine, crispy artichoke or the excellent arroz negro. 

Signature cocktails and spanish wines:

To complement the delicious cuisine, the restaurant offers a wide selection of Spanish wines and signature cocktails. From robust reds to crisp whites, the wine list highlights the rich viticulture of Spain. The mixologists have also crafted a selection of cocktails inspired by the various regions of the country, which are the perfect accompaniment to the vibrant flavours of the dishes. 

Conclusion: A success story

Opening a new restaurant in London can be an exciting venture, but it requires careful planning and execution. Boca a Boca has succeeded in this challenge 

What makes Boca a Boca stand out in London’s ever evolving landscape of restaurants?  

  • Delicious authentic food with a  contemporary twist
  • Warm spanish hospitality
  • A great wine list & cocktails 
  • Beautiful yet comfortable design

Make sure you book first !!!  

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