Opsyte Management Solutions

Opsyte Management Solutions

14th March 2024

Enhancing Hospitality Operations with Opsyte Management Solutions


In the dynamic world of hospitality, operational efficiency plays a pivotal role in determining success for your business. With a multitude of solutions available for managing hospitality enterprises, the task of identifying the right one can be daunting.

This blog post delves into the management solutions offered by Opsyte; a software company founded in 2018 that specialises in the hospitality sector. We will explore how our systems can save time, reduce labour costs, and contribute to overall growth. Adding to this, we will also examine how Opsyte’s technological assets streamline day-to-day operations, enhance guest experiences, and bolster efficiency across staff teams.

Who are Opsyte?

Who are Opsyte

Established in 2018, Opsyte is a company that specialises in management software tailored for hospitality operators. We are part of Hospitality Solutions Group, along with Solutions 4 Caterers who are a group of accountants and bookkeepers for the hospitality sector.

Our Founder, Matt Taylor created the company with the aim to provide efficient systems that are widely used across the sector. With this sentiment, we cater to hospitality businesses of all sizes, and our systems are built by industry experts to ensure a user-friendly experience for every one of our clients.

What do we do?

Our software is categorised into four main modules: staff management, finance management, reporting, and invoice processing. As well as these modules, we provide users with complimentary benefits such as a maintenance log, incident log, bulletin board, and a page dedicated to client requests for our developers to review and action.

The tools we provide are dynamic and are therefore able to scale up to match your business growth, so whether you’re an independent business or operate across multiple locations, we have a solution for you.

Furthermore, we consult with business owners before they onboard with us to better understand how Opsyte can meet their management needs. This process helps us to better understand which of our solutions is best for them as, depending on the size of the business, these can range from just a simple rota software program to a comprehensive suite of solutions for each aspect of operations across multiple locations.

Staff Modules

Scheduling and Rota Software

Rota software

Our scheduling software is designed so that building schedules is no longer a time-consuming process, giving you the power to focus on important business-driven decisions. As well as being available on our mobile app, our scheduling tools are built to ensure that your rotas align with each employee’s contracted hours, ensuring that your business complies with your team’s weekly shift requirements.

When you’re building your rota, you’ll be notified in real-time if your forecast labour costs exceed your forecast sales figures for the week. In addition to this, you can choose to display your forecast labour costs with or without the inclusion of National Insurance and Pension contributions, giving you a clearer view of your financials.

Organising your week’s rotas is made all the simpler with time-saving tools like drag-and-drop shifts, as well as rota templates for a part of or the whole week. You can further organise your days by colour coding what type of leave an employee is taking and block off days that someone doesn’t usually work. Another handy feature, you’ll be able to notify your staff of any upcoming events on-site with a note feature for each day, as well as an accurate local weather forecast so you can prepare for the day’s trading.

Time and Attendance

Tracking your employees’ time and attendance is simplified through a variety of flexible options. Clients are presented with two convenient clock-in alternatives to suit their preferences, the first is a tablet or computer within the venue, allowing staff to effortlessly input their unique code for a streamlined clock-in process. On the other hand, staff can choose the app, implementing location and IP restrictions to ensure the accuracy and security of their clock-ins. This flexibility caters to diverse business setups, providing owners and managers with adaptable solutions.

For precise oversight, the staff rota approval section offers a comprehensive tool for managers to compare employees scheduled versus actual hours worked. Managers can input the hours, and once satisfied, effortlessly submit approved hours. This streamlined process enhances accuracy and efficiency when creating staff rotas, contributing to a smoother workflow.

The reporting module features robust tools that enable owners and managers to track time and attendance effectively. Detailed reports highlight any staff absences or late clock-ins within a specified period, offering valuable insights for initiative-taking direction and resource optimisation.

Managing Time Off and Holiday Accrual

manage holidays

Managing employees’ annual leave and holiday accrual can be managed can all be done a centralised location. The mobile app enables easy holiday requests, fostering a user-friendly experience. The ‘holiday accrual’ page offers detailed views of hourly and salary information, allowing leaders to download exhaustive reports for accurate record-keeping.

In situations where managers need to manually input time off requests, especially when an employee is not so tech savvy or needs a last-minute adjustment, our ‘Add Holiday/Unpaid Leave’ section offers a straightforward solution. This feature ensures efficient direction even in unforeseen circumstances, maintaining transparency and accuracy in attendance and holiday accrual records.

Powerful Payroll Files

Our payroll section streamlines the process whilst keeping businesses compliant. One of the ways we do so is by notifying admins of any upcoming national minimum wage changes so that each employees’ rates can amended accordingly in one place.

We further enhance payroll management by allowing admins to upload and store payslips for each pay period. When ready, you can effortlessly download their payroll files, which include four essential reports. Our most comprehensive files provide detailed information for payroll processing, whilst the raw versions of the payroll file allow you to see the top line figure of each employee whether they work multiple job roles or on multiple sites. The raw combined payroll file is a summary of the labour across multiple sites. In addition, Opsyte offers starters and leavers reports for each pay period, and you’ll of any changes to bank details, address, or personal details within a period.

Overall, our comprehensive payroll solution ensures that business owners can navigate through complex payroll processes effortlessly, contributing to better control over wage spend, and overall payroll efficiency. The system also accommodates the inclusion of extra hours and precise tracking of wages for a more accurate and streamlined payroll experience.

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Finance Management Module

finance module

Opsyte enhances finance oversight with seamless integration with various EPOS providers. The cash-up elements feature enables meticulous tracking of deposits, contributing to accurate financial record-keeping. Additionally, we effortlessly integrate with XERO and Quickbooks, simplifying the accounting process and ensuring an up-to-date understanding of financial health.

Within the finance module, the cash-up elements feature provides a robust solution for managing petty cash, complimentary items, deposits, and accounts. This functionality enables businesses to meticulously track deposits, contributing to accurate financial record-keeping.

Our diligence in these finance-related aspects empowers businesses to maintain control over labour costs, wage spend, and other crucial financial elements, fostering a more organised approach to overall business finance.

Reporting Module

reporting module

Opsyte’s reporting system provides organisations with automated and scalable insights for informed decision-making. Daily EBITDA reporting and end-of-night Snapshot reports enhance communication and visibility of key elements for maximising profitability.

Our reports minimise the potential for human error by reducing manual data entry, integrating seamlessly with most till systems. This integration streamlines the data retrieval process, presenting users with clean and simple formats for a more accurate and efficient reporting experience.

The platform’s commitment to error reduction aligns with its emphasis on precise attendance tracking and efficient staff management reporting, including insightful lateness and absence reports.

Invoice Processing Module

Invoice processing module

Onsite revolutionises invoice processing by offering a hassle-free solution for organisations. The platform’s unique email address allows suppliers to send invoices directly to Opsyte, automating the reading and coding process. Once ready to be sent off, you can upload your invoices directly into XERO or Quickbooks.

Authority levels and a robust audit trail ensure accountability and transparency in handling billing, payment, and other financial aspects. The dedicated mobile app provides flexibility and accessibility for managing and approving invoices on the go.

In essence, Opsyte’s comprehensive approach transforms the challenges associated with managing hospitality operations, offering streamlined processes for staff management, finance oversight, reporting, and invoice processing. Our commitment to detail, adaptability, and user-friendly features underscores its dedication to helping organisations optimise their operations while enjoying the benefits of advanced technology.

How to join Opsyte

To speak to a member of our team about joining Opsyte, you can send an email to: outreach@opsyte.com  Alternatively, you can schedule a free 30-minute demo using this link: or by clicking ‘Book a Demo’ on our website.


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