Relaunch Programme-Hospitality reopens

Relaunch Programme-Hospitality reopens

17th April 2020

Relaunch Programme-Hospitality reopens

Relaunch Programme-Hospitality reopens

What will your business look like Post Covid-19?

Businesses have moved from Panic to Planning. We are beginning to arrange with our clients what a post Covid-19 re-opening might look like. Relaunch programme hospitality reopens-

Hygiene & Regulations-

Undoubtedly there will be new government directives when cafes, bars and restaurants re-open. With social distancing in mind, what will the occupancy be of each restaurant? Will there be limited trading hours? What PPE will staff need to wear? All this is yet to be discussed. For sure the HACCP plans will change and more stringent cleaning and sanitising procedures will need to be in place. No doubt policies will evolve, but those establishments on the front foot demonstrating their understanding of peoples health and safety will be key.

Relaunch Programme-Hospitality reopens

Recruitment & Retention of staff-

If we didn’t have a shortage in Hospitality before Corona virus, we will certainly have one after this. Whilst the government has been fast to act on furlough programs, and assistance for businesses. Certainly staff will have been let go, many may have returned home and possibly not to return. Perhaps with the closure of many restaurants and food establishments there may be enough available staff to go round. How are you planning to retrain your staff for your re-opening?

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New styles of service-

We will most certainly see a surge in app based purchasing, click and collect and home delivery from our favourite restaurants. But perhaps this can be extended to a whole dining experience at home? Certainly this experience has taught many of us to adapt and diversify. Restaurants should no longer base themselves on a single model of revenue. How can your business adapt to future threats?


Many restaurants, hotels, food trucks & markets have used this time wisely to spring clean. Paint the table tops, look at new dishes, trial a new menu and prepare for a relaunch. Ideally they will be launching with their existing staff, but some will be entirely new to the business. Perhaps now is the time to make those changes, a fresh look, a new style or just a revamp of the old.

Relaunch Programme-Hospitality reopens

Food styles-

Will we see a change in the way we eat? Certainly there will always be the variety and diversity of food and produce that we are used to. But will customers now be more considerate of where there food comes from, what the social and ecological impact is involved in getting it. Will establishments that have focused more on quality and healthy become more mainstream..

Where will we all be desperate to visit when the Lockdown ends?

An article from The Guardian-

The pandemic offers us an opportunity to shine a light on the less visible reaches of the restaurant ecosystem. There are the landlords, whose rents are so extortionate that many restaurants in city centres struggle to break even. The developers who use restaurants like magnets to attract the “right sort” of people in gentrifying areas, transforming swathes of our cities into pseudo-public spaces of boutique restaurants, pushing working-class Londoners further away from their homes. PR companies who ensure that only those establishments that can afford their services get media coverage. Private equity funds that turn restaurants into short-term investments, relentlessly cut costs (and ultimately quality), and fuel the notion that the only way to turn a profit is to rapidly expand. It’s no coincidence that those who are clamouring for bailouts the loudest are those who have reaped the most rewards from this multi-billion dollar industry that makes money for a relatively small number of people.

Covid-19 has also shown us that the industry is on even shakier ground than we suspected: the tight cashflow, high overheads, and a reliance on tourism were all pointing in a bleak direction before the lockdown. The number of restaurants going bust was on the up, and the high number of places opening was disguising the fact that most restaurateurs couldn’t see their business model as sustainable. It’s no secret that the industry turns a profit only because it is built on cheap labour, particularly migrants and people of colour, and, according to chef Thom Eagle, “an ethos that work ranks above personal and social needs”.



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