How can a Restaurant consultant help your business?

How can a Restaurant Consultant help your business?

What do we all want? Less stress, better profit, more customers- See how a restaurant consultant can help your business.

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When starting a new restaurant, fast casual. Or indeed any food business there are lots of factors to consider. Perhaps you have an existing business that you are wishing to grow or scale. Maybe your business is established but needing to change. A restaurant consultant can help you make the changes necessary. Avoid the pitfalls and achieve success. If you do not have an F&B background or prior experience in hospitality it is essential to get advice. Restaurant consultants are people who have the knowledge and industry experience. They have a wealth of contacts. They can give you guidance and perspective.

What do Restaurant consultants do?

In simple terms, restaurant consultants are hired by the owners or managers of food businesses to help make objective decisions about their businesses. However we at Lumiere believe that whilst it is key to help deliver the clients concept, it is essential to ensure that the operation runs smoothly and successfully. We all come from a hospitality background where customer satisfaction is paramount, but also deliverable. Our core competences are as follows:

  • Guiding you through the concept.
  • Helping you find a location.
  • Financial planning and investor packs, market research.
  • Restaurant design and branding with our design partners.
  • Assist you in the recruitment of staff with our recruitment partners.
  • Menu design and development, costing and training.
  • Launch and operational support, choosing suppliers and supply chain.
  • Social media and marketing with our social media and marketing partners.

How can a restaurant consultant help your business?

Concept and format:

At the beginning of the new venture we will help you develop the concept of your restaurant or food business. Here we will look at not only the design, but also the menu, and the pricepoint. See how a restaurant consultant can help your business.


Based on the understanding of concept, budget and format. Lumiere are able to help you find the ideal location for your new food business. We will undertake market research. To fully understand who the clients are and what the potential is.


Selecting the right property for your business is essential. Having someone that can provide experience, operational expertise and advice is of huge benefit. What amenities are required? What will the organic footfall be like. How much will need to be repaired before opening? These are all criteria that a restaurant consultant will advise you on.

Financial Planning:

We work with with you to build firstly your business plan. From this working document we can extrapolate the information we need to create Landlord packs, investor packs. To really see what is necessary for your business to achieve the required results. Depending on the level of detail required we can look at a budget and financial planning with projection over several years to measure performance. If your business is currently operating and you are looking to scale, this too is critical to success. Understanding the numbers.

Recruitment and Training:

Your staff is the biggest asset to your business. Finding the best fit for your business and giving them the tools to succeed is one of the most important aspects of running any business. As part of the business plan and operational strategy we at Lumiere would help you calculate how many staff are required and what kind of systems and training programmes are necessary for success. As part of the menu development process we look at recipe & build cards, allergen matrix and induction packs. Installing a culture of standards, customer service and camaraderie is built upon a structure of knowledge and training. The investment in this is so important.

Menu Design:

Your menu design should reflect your concept, brand and ideals. As discussed on our menu design page we feel this should be process led. Menus need to offer choice and balance, be priced correctly and attractive to the customers. As a restaurant owner, menu development should form an important part of your marketing strategy. As this is what will fetch you profit and repeat custom. There are form and layout considerations as well as content and profit margins.

Launch and Operational support:

With your new restaurant ready to launch. We believe that it is imperative to give your business and staff the best help possible in order to succeed. We work to a programme designed for your establishment to help get you open. The culture of good service and customer care is built on training, but continued through every service being as important as the last. Well trained and confident staff will deliver your concept, brand and ideals whether its a michelin star restaurant or a cafe.

As part of the process of building up to opening day. We work with the new team to support in practical ways those first few services. Whether its training days, friends and family or soft/full opening night we are there to assist you and your team. We will advise on supplier introductions, procurement, stock levels, kitchen equipment, uniforms and any of the other areas necessary for the smooth opening of your business. This is how a restaurant consultant can help your business.

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