The best training courses in hospitality

The best training courses in hospitality

9th March 2024

The best training resources in hospitality (where to find quality training)???

Whilst I would have been the absolute first person to say that there is no substitute for experience. Upskilling your team is of great importance. It creates an atmosphere of learning, engagement and leads to customer satisfaction and staff retention. So where are the best training resources in Hospitality?? And how can I access them-

Apprenticeship courses (Hotel & restaurant groups)

If you are starting your career in hospitality, then a great place to start to get a well rounded education is a larger hotel or restaurant group. Typically a larger establishment will have the breadth of career choices, in house training programmes, and a broader team to learn from.


Hospitality focused training courses

Courses from Hospitality business, management, or operations and tourism. Or more creative courses from Wset wine and spirit courses, specialist cooking techniques are accessible either online or in person, and nearly always available part time to fit in around peoples schedule. To remain accessible to a difficult working schedule, many universities & college’s offer flexible learning.

NCASS Training Courses

WSET Training Courses

Great British chefs culinary schools

Restaurant Stage/Internship

A great way to stay in touch with new food and service trends is to arrange stages.. From Michelin star to street food, being prepared to spend time for free in order to learn is of great benefit not only to the business owner but the individual. Its not a question of free labour and should never be treated that way. A stagier is there to learn and the the trainer/mentor has an opportunity to practice their training skills and build a bigger network of staff.


HACCPS/Health and Safety courses

Many companies such as Flow or the Access group offer online training management to insure that your team have what they need to succeed. With good hygiene and H&S naturally comes good food and service, it goes hand in hand.

Flow Hospitality

Access Group

In Conclusion

Hospitality has always been a learning environment. Food changes like fashion, with every season. And that constant learning has kept me interested in nearly 30 years of working in this industry.

Access to learning has never been easier.

It would be great to hear your comments on this-

Ben Floyd.


Restaurant consultant Lumiere




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