Wentworth Golf Club

Wentworth Golf Club

16th February 2024

Wentworth Golf Club- How to be the best

Raising the bar at such an iconic venue is no small feat. Already a very special place, well established and with such an amazing experience for its members. Their question to us was how to improve service and food where the bar is already so high.


Our deep dive into the inner workings of the clubhouse and its F&B offering allowed us to fully understand the membership, its continuous transition from an older to a younger demographic. The dayparts the F&B serve and the restrictions of the F&B spaces.


Having arrived at an implementation plan for the F&B team, steps of service and mentoring for the leadership team. We have been engaging with all the customer facing team to bring some commonality to service. Whilst remaining at all times professional, we have injected warmth and personality. Creating a true members club feel but with a modern approach to how customers are interacted with.

Menu review-

The current menu is zonal, (as in a bar, lounge & restaurant )  restricted by time and whilst has many of the brasserie greatest hits, is ready for a tweak. Our review has suggested that an all day dining menu that can be eaten across all of the dining spaces will not only provide guests what they want, but operationally be easier to deliver & of course more cost effective.


The menu refresh along with the front of house training programme is planned for a spring launch. Further changes to outdoor spaces are planned for a summer launch. We have an ongoing commitment with Wentworth and are excited to continue this partnership.


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