What is hospitality business coaching?

What is hospitality business coaching?

14th July 2023

Hospitality Business, performance and wellness coaching-

The super-fast paced hospitality industry comes with a unique blend of creativity, discipline, strategy and leadership, all through a lens of incredibly high customer service expectations. Its an industry that is physically, mentally, socially and spiritually draining so requires extraordinary resilience and a genuine love of service to others. Learn more about Hospitality business coaching-

Hospitality is an industry that has given us and many other a wonderful, thrilling and life full of experiences. But it is not without its challenges and certainly has been steadily improving for the better in recent years, as we have all found it harder to attract and retain the right talent.

Rather than seeing this as a negative, many restaurant, hotel and hospitality businesses are looking at ways to retain, upskill and improve staff retention through training and mentorship programmes.

Accredited coach Stephen Macintosh specialises in mentoring start ups & entrepreneur’s,  business and executive performance coaching and wellness and mindset coaching.

Companies such as Fairmont, The Fat Duck, Old Spitalfields market and Mandarin Oriental have all benefited from Stephens knowledge and insights.


Stephen Macintosh An introduction-

I’m an executive, business and wellness coach bringing 25 years of experience from the top of the hospitality and retail service sectors.

I help my clients reach truth, level up, and become incredible versions of themselves professionally, personally and spiritually. It’s my mission to help people grow and follow a more meaningful path through service to self and service to others.

I’ve gained insight as an entrepreneur and operator within some of the most challenging business environments. I have developed strategies, skills, and expertise from real life experiences to share that greatly amplify the value I bring to my clients.

As such, my clients are generally business owners, organisations and individual professionals from the hospitality sector seeking to upgrade their strategy towards a more purposeful work and personal life.

In serving my clients I concentrate on priming mindset and wellbeing before helping with strategy and actualisation. I support my clients, holding them to account, to better serve themselves so they can give back more because they receive more.


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