How to recruit hospitality staff

How to recruit hospitality staff

1st December 2021

How to recruit hospitality staff-


It’s not a secret that recruiting quality hospitality staff – especially chefs – these days is extremely difficult, particularly with the Christmas season approaching. Everyone is struggling for staff and there just doesn’t seem to be enough people to fill the gaps. How to recruit hospitality staff-


With that in mind perhaps there are some solutions at hand?



Many of our clients are currently working with less staff or at the very least less qualified staff. Simple processes and a trimmed back menu can do wonders for your business. We always say its better to do 10 things well than 20 things badly and most customers would agree.

With the hospitality industry lacking in the workforce it may be the risk your business will have to take. However, there are a few things you can help to improve the chances of keeping people for longer.

  • Opportunities to grow
  • Looking after mental health
  • Building trust and culture in the team


Running adverts for staff either through your own social media or platforms such as Indeed, Jobs Now or perhaps Linkedin is the usual way to go. But also incentivising your staff to reach out to their friends and contacts. It brings a togetherness and creates a team of people who work for each other



We have all worked in toxic environments, everyone in hospitality has at one point or another. I am thank ful to say that hospitality has changed a lot over the last 20 years. Where once there was aggression, stress, bullying and perhaps a badge of honour saying how hard everything is. This has given way to nicer working environments, better salaries, shorter hours and probably a more inclusive experience for the younger workforce than in previous years.

Lets face it Brexit has decimated the industry, before Covid19 did. But the only sustainable answer to the shortage in hospitality staff is to make it attractive to work in our fabulous restaurants, bars and clubs.


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