Shake & Stir bar and events

Shake & Stir bar and events

29th April 2020

Shake & Stir bar and events


An introduction-

Lumiere consultancy has had a long connection with events, bars and of course food and drink is our main passion. We are excited to introduce our new collaboration with Shake & StirBence Ivanov, Dovile Daugelaite & Romas Dangelevicius formed  Shake & Stir bar and events in 2015 here is their story-

Shake & Stir bar and events

What they say-

Our aim is to make Shake&Stir the UK’s number one mixology brand. We bring our knowledge, experience and passion for cocktails to everything we do providing our clients with a fun, professional and memorable experience.

Back in early 2015 we joined our expertise, coming from London’s most luxurious events to create a company that establishes a never before seen creativity, quality and flair in the events industry. Fast forward a few years and we expanded our services to the whole drinks industry offering bespoke mixology solutions to not only events, but also venues, restaurants and drinks brands and anyone in need of our specialist skills.

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Our experience shows there are countless catering companies whose food has all the quality, uniqueness and style to make them stand out and be different. However, the same cannot be said for their drinks, cocktails in particular.

Our vast experience and innovation feeds our passion to achieve cocktail bar standards at events. We can offer the knowledge, skill and insight for events companies to create and serve spectacular drinks that measure up to the quality of food they provide. See Here

Shake & Stir bar and eventsBrand Promotion

We simply love working with quality brands. Whether looking for more exposure, specifically designed cocktail built around the characteristics of their products or a change of image. We can assist.

Developing signature serves, initiating a wide coverage on social media, facilitating industry interaction and running promotional events we can help you to make your product stand out.

Shake & Stir bar and eventsCocktails

We take our pride in providing our clients with cocktails that are created with premium quality and of the freshest of ingredients to achieve the perfect taste and most stunning looks. Designing bespoke cocktails for specific events/venues is something we thrive on and always welcome a new challenge where we can showcase our creativity and passion for drinks.

Throughout the years we have created well over a hundred signature serves and you can find some of our favourites below. Related article

shake & stir

Shake & Stir bar and events

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